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Gritty Girl Hand Cleaner was created over 45 years ago by combining a formula of natural pumice and volcanic ash mined from the hills of Southern Idaho. Many customers have been happily using the product for over 25 years. It is a second generation family owned business proudly built in the USA.

Gritty Girl Hand Cleaner is natural and biodegradable. It contains skin conditioners to leave your hands feeling clean and soft. Formulated as an abrasive powder made of pumice, volcanic ash, mild soap and skin conditioner it contains no harsh chemicals therefore it has no harsh odor and will not dry or crack your hands.

Gritty Girl Hand Cleaner Cleaner will work better than a scrubbing brush to remove printer’s ink, paint, grease, grime, diesel oil, Permatex, urethane, fiberglass, etc.  Whether you work on transmissions, radiators, engines, brakes, mufflers, or tires, Gritty Girl Hand Cleaner is perfect for cleaner, healthier hands.​

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Old School Volcanic Ash and Pumice 100% Natural Biodegradable Hand Cleaner

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